Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Human Powered Search Engine

Most search engines simply serve as search engines, nothing more! Most of these search engines give results based on algorithms, corporate fundings and opinions of webmasters. Are these results reliable? Who knows! What if I tell you that there is a search engine whose search rankings are not powered by any algorithms but by real people - the users! The Sproose search engine is to me more reliable and credible because the ranking results are human powered. Users do not only make searches but they can also vote for their favorite websites, thus influencing the index ranking of the search results. They can also leave comments for sites they like and once a vote is made, Sproose automatically creates a tag for that particular site voted on. Isn't that so cool? Another great feature it has is the capability to control spam. If users find a site as spam and wants it removed, Sproose can do it for them depending on the number of users who asked for it! Aside from being free, Sproose respects the privacy of its users and guarantees the security and safety of users' information or personal details. Where else could you find a search engine like this? Try Sproose now! Click here to try sproose!

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