Friday, September 28, 2007

Planet Aid: The Organization That Cares

It feels so good to be of help no matter how small we think it is. To other people, it sure makes a difference! There are always people in other parts of the world that need help. Thanks to organizations like PlanetAid that truly care for people in need. PlanetAid is a non-profit organization that has committed itself to protecting the environment and helping create a sustainable development in Asia and Africa. PlanetAid collects and recycles used clothing and shoes in 19 states in the USA; resell them and use the proceeds to support education, community development and HIV/AIDS programs in Asia and Africa. Of course, they couldn't do these huge tasks alone without the help of other entities like individuals, schools, government agencies, organizations and companies that believe in their cause. They have various activities to successfully implement their projects which you can read in their blog. Find out how you can help. Remember, when you share, you get more in return. Let us help the world. Support PlanetAid!

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