Tuesday, October 9, 2007

The Best Quality, Lowest Cost Internet Phone Service

People like me who have loved ones in other countries know fully well that keeping in touch with them through long distance telephone calls is getting so costly. It is so difficult nowadays to find a phone service that offers quality calls without costing you a treasure. But I am so glad I found the VoIP Phone of iConnectHere, the best internet phone service! iConnectHere, the leader in internet telephony offers the lowest rates I ever saw as compared with other services I have used before and even with what I am curently using. With a monthly fee of $6.99 for a basic world plan, you get internet phone to phone international calls, free easy-to-install phone adapter worth $69, free USA incoming number and other phone features like voice mail, call forwarding, call waiting and a lot more. Sign up now and get $30 sign up bonus! They also have great deals offered for those who want to upgrade their plans. I just found what I have been looking for with a VoIP Phone!

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