Monday, October 8, 2007

Cool Blogging Tips

This is a tag from Bless and Recel. I wanna thank you guys, i learned some useful tips from this tag! I may not totally disagree with some of it but i respect their opinion. Here are some of the tips that will help bloggers - newbies and oldtimers and even those who are thinking of creating a blog - in their blogging.
The rules:
Copy the list, add your tip and pass it on. Add a star beside the tips that you like the best.

1.Look, read, and learn.
2.Be, EXCELLENT to each other.
3.Don’t let money change ya!
4.Always reply to your comments.
5.Blog about what you know & love.*
6.Don’t use filthy language-buy a dictionary.*
7.Blog about something educational
8.Be yourself; others will follow*
9.Don't have too many blogs that will become a chore to maintain
10.Keep it simple, user-friendly, interesting and organized!* 11.Keep the blog simple and sweet!!
12.Never ask for link exchange. Blog hop to increase traffic.
13.Don’t clutter your blog with ads all over the place. IT’S IRRITATING.
14.Don’t comment for the sake of commenting. Some looked too fake and its a big turn off!*
15.Share something interesting and you will gain more readers.*
16.Show that we care to all bloggers, treat each other as friends.*
17.Pictures say a million words. Keep them coming!
18.Blogging should be fun or you’ll get tired of it pretty soon.*
19.Don’t think people will come to your blog if you’re not willing to pay a visit to them.
20.Everyone loves read short posting and best, illustrated with a picture
21.Try not to publish more than 5 posts in one blog a day. Even if it’s from feed reader, it’s quite hard to digest and catch up reading everything.
22.Blog, the other window to peek into people’s life, minus the trouble. keep a certain level of privacy to yourself.
23.Never tell your readers that you are going on vacation. That’s basically telling them to not visit your blog for a week. Instead, write several posts, and take advantage of the timestamp feature.
24.Try and write with people in mind that are “somewhat similar to you”. Allow your audience to identify with your blog and feel “at home”.
25.The key to a good article is a good introduction. A joke, a question or a picture does wonders.
26.If you are looking to earn an income blogging read and, you will be amazed at what you can learn.
27.Write for yourself first. Remember that it takes time, effort, patience…and above all, daring. The Laidback Buddhist
28.Don’t offer opinions that are not based in the realm of personal knowledge…share yourself and your experiences…they speak louder then words The MiracleProcess **
29.Unless I'm a huge fan of your blog, keep your posts short & sweet. Mariuca - Wishing On A Falling Star
30.Don't be shy to make friends, open yourself to others and you'll be amazed with the tremendous responses. A Great Pleasure *
31. When you look make sure you SEE, When you listen make sure you HEAR, and when you talk make sure you SPEAK! First Time Dad
32. Don't leave hurtful comments, that is below to what is appropriate, you will hurt the blog owner and might not read or visit your blog ever again. Blessed Sanctuary**
33. Let a correct grammar be a concern. One can't avoid criticizing upon reading an obvious grammatical error! When doing a paid entry, try to connect it even at least a little to a thought you can really relate! Read, comprehend, think, write, edit, post it! Recel's Unsealing My Mind*
34. Use font size and colors that are easy to the eyes. You may have the most impressive design and layout if readers will have a hard time reading your posts, everything will suffer. Tikya sa Tate’
I guess most have already done this tag so anybody who has some worthy tips on blogging are welcome to add theirs. Thanks a lot!


recel said...

nah tinuod jud ni imong tip 'te doh! i for one, i hate going to sites nga di maklaro ang font! maka-labad sa ulo! pero ung -ma-interes na gani ko sa first line nga akong nabasa, na, antusan nalang jud naku! lol kasab-an lagi ko ni bana basta masakpan ko gabasa sa dili klaro nga font kay ako daw abusohan ako eyes! hehehe! sakto man pud uroy!

thanks for this tip. i hope bloggers will realized this!

Bless said...

Hi Tess..yup I agree to what you said too. lisod basahon ang gagmay nga letra. I added your tip in mines diay. thanks.

Tess said...

TY Bless and Recel, i learned a lot from this tag, keep them coming! TC!