Saturday, November 17, 2007

Goth Dating Site

I remember quite well when I was in Australia, there is a group of punk-looking kids in black gothic fashion, with weird-looking hairstyle in different colors, and things that really make them different from how common people look like. I see them hang out every Friday night. They are considered as Goths. They have their own culture, own kind of fashion and looks, music and a distinct taste for entertainment.

If you are one of them or if you consider yourself as Goth and want to meet other Goths like you, there is a place for Goth singles where you could hang out. is known as the darkest dating website that is designed for Goth singles to have fun with each other as they share common interests and even find friends and future mates. There are lots of cool features that every member would truly enjoy like the thousands of personals that you could view, search and find your matches. They have also a video chat, forum, a dark cupid who could help you find your soul mate, world map seeker and a lot more. You can also "send a wink" to those you are interested with and upload your photos for free. Visit the site and start having fun.


Pepe said...

Nag-check ako ng spelling, akala ko kasi goat na kambing he-he....! Oo madami yan dito Mrs.T, pero dito na-belong na sila sa paningin ng mga tao dun sa mga tinatawag na junkies kasi parang hindi na rin matino ang mga attitudes nila....! I've encountered two girls in black everything before sa may train station, hinarang ako tapos ang sabi sa kin "welcome to HELL....!" Sabi ko naman sa kanila, "have some chips first" Ha-ha....! Kumakain kasi ako nun ng chippy....! =D

Tess said...

Peps, marami ding mukhang goat, lol! natawa ako sa have chips first, lol! sira ka talaga Peps! Tekker!