Saturday, November 3, 2007

how angry i am?

Basically, i am not an angry person! Maybe getting annoyed or irritated sometimes but to me anger or hatred is more deep, i guess! These two are of higher level which i hope i would never put myself in such situation because i hate the feeling of having hatred or anger in my heart. It's not just worth it; it ruins my day, it ruins my life and those people around me. I hate being with miserable people because misery loves company but i am always there to listen to loved ones in these situations because i know there must be a reason why they are angry. The more you avoid or ignore them, the more they whine until they get your attention. Staying anger-free is a life is continue to maintain everyday and it is a struggle! To test how angry i am, here is the result:

You Are 17% Angry

You're so laid back, no one could ever accuse you of getting angry.

While there are a few little things that may annoy you, you generally play it cool.

In fact, your calm attitude tends to provoke people with anger problems.

They may think you're screwing with them, but that's just the way you are!

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