Friday, November 16, 2007

How To Be A Pick Up Artist

Have you seen the movie "Hitch"? It talked about learning the art of dating. I guess one of the reasons why the movie was a big hit was the fact that a lot of guys got interested into it. As a woman, I never thought how important it is for a man to learn the art of dating. Yes, it is an art that can be learned by anybody! Believe me, even the most unattractive guy could be a pick up artist, if he knows the tricks on dating. So, dating attractive women is not only meant for good-looking men. It doesn't follow that handsome guys could get a date easily than less attractive ones. It just doesn't work that way. It is more than looks, believe me! You would learn everything about dating at TheModernMan, your complete source on dating which I am so sure most men would love.

TheModernMan helps men become a pick up artist, meaning, you would learn from the great tips and advise on this site on how to be one, how to meet women that you want, not just any kind of women, but those you are interested in dating. I guess it boils down to the quality not the quantity just like anything else. You may have many women friends but do most of them think of you as nothing else but for friendship or companionship? This is always the case and you know exactly what I mean. Something is missing, isn't it? In most cases, you find it hard to get a date, a serious one! You don't have to worry because TheModernMan is here to help you and it is never too late so you better start learning now!

According to TheModernMan, it is easy to attract women that you want if you have the following qualifications: confidence in yourself, humor, alpha male traits, ability to flirt, and natural conversationalist, among others. You would learn more about these dating tips such as how to become cocky funny in a right way because if you overdo it, it may work against you. You can also listen to some experiences from the experts through their audio. Everything about dating could be learned from TheModernMan through their e-book, "The Flow", video, articles that you could even get to your email, audio and their Newsletter. Check it out start dating! You deserve a happy life that you could share with someone special for the rest of your life! Let TheModernMan be a part of it!


Merydith said...

Kani ra jud ang opps na walay kahotdan. Congrat on the visa giftcard. Karon pa sila kahinumdum siguro. Enjoy your weekend.

Tess said...

lagi kapoy kaayo magsuwat aning 400 words, lol! TY kaayo! said...


If you want to learn more pick up stuff I recommend checking out Mystery's site Venusian Arts, or V's blog at

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I like these two: