Saturday, November 3, 2007

I'm a clean freak, alright!

I was doing some cleaning up today because i haven't had time to do this since Monday and to me any mess is an eyesore! That's right, i can be a clean freak sometimes. I want order in the house no matter how tired i am. That is also the reason why it takes me more than 30 minutes to take a quick shower (that's quick, lol!). I do stuff while taking a shower, whatever i see inside the bathroom, i had to clean up before i'm done! I know sometimes it is annoying for others maybe because i can not wait for tomorrow if i can do it today. Alright, i still have someting to do, lol! I am not a messy person because i hate to see mess! How about you?

You Are Not Messy

You're so clean, people have accused you of being a clean freak!

You like things tidy, organized, and smelling fresh.

Messes drive you crazy, especially when you didn't make them.

It's hard for you to live with a slob - or someone who leaves their dishes in the sink.

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