Sunday, November 11, 2007

The risks of completing offers online....

I heard a lot of complaints about completing offers online, cancelling it on time hoping not to get charged but still getting charges on their credit cards or getting bills in the mail. This really sucks! I'm glad my experiences on doing offers online are not as bad, these are minimal as compared to few i know. I had some few arguments with customer representatives and i ended up paying for some because i got tired of arguing with them. But these are tolerable. My only advise is: make sure when you call to cancel, always get the name of the customer that took your call, ask for email confirming the cancellation if possible, ask for confirmation number and all that. If you have to return a product, make sure you have included the Return Merchant Authorization (RMA) number and if you can, request for confirmation of delivery which is more expensive but better paying this much than paying the whole amount later.

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