Monday, December 24, 2007

busy christmas day....

Tomorrow is christmas day here in the USA but today is already christmas day over there in the Philippines. I tried to call my family and my calls just won't go through. It kept on giving me busy tones or error messages or PIN not valid, what the heck! It is so frustrating not being able to contact your family. Of course, i was able to send them texts but it is different when you actually hear their voice, right? Well, i will just try to call again later, i guess the communication lines are busy as expected on this special day. We would be busy tomorrow for sure, running around all day starting a christmas breakfast at 11AM at a niece's house then at 1PM to 2PM, we will have dinner at my SIL where we usually open presents and hopefully be back at home before 6PM as son is also expected to come over with his wife. If i have a choice, i prefer to stay at home and relax!

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