Saturday, January 12, 2008

Enjoy A Real Vegas Casino At 32Vegas

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Bingo Lady said...

I would love to got to vegas someday, I would love to go there and see all the sights maybe play a few slotmachines and play some bingo. Through in a Tom Jones concert if he still does them. see some ratpack tributes. Would love to have seen Frank sinatra live in vegas.ahhhhhhh one day.I have been playing the demo games on this online casino uk site. I have also got into playing keno games which is similiar to bingo except you get to pick your numbers before the game starts. I like playing neptunes keno the most. they have also got online fruit machine demos too. its all given me the taste for Vegas.

lukas said...

I wish I could go to Las Vegas, I love casinos but I have to Play Online Casinos instead. But if I win big online I’m flying straight to Las Vegas to play in a High Roller Casino and lose it all again! But it will be worth the experience!