Saturday, January 26, 2008

I'm a part-time brainiac!

Thanks Recel for this tag, i grabbed it right away because it caught my interest but i was quite hesitant to try this quiz at first as it may tell me "sorry, you got no brains, dummy!" At least i am happy to know i have brains, lol! Well, if i was younger, i guess the result would be different. At my age, i am done with challenging things, i am tired of difficult, mind-boggling tasks, been there, done that! Now, all i want is relax and take an easy job if i could. If there is a really difficult problem that i am faced with, i always ask an expert to help me out, if possible solve it for me, lol!

You're a Part Time Brainiac

No doubt about it, you have the potential for big brain power.
But potential doesn't get you to genius. It's going to take some work.
Like most smart people, you enjoy a good intellectual challenge every now and then.
But you do tend to shy away from anything difficult, frustrating, or complex.
Push yourself to think, learn, and explore more... even when it feels bad.
You have the capacity to solve amazingly difficult problems. You just need to let yourself do it.


recel said...

hehe... kuyaw. i didn't know there is such a thing as part time brainiac. haha! pastilan... i could tell nga nanglabay na jud ang kapanahuhanan 'te. daghan na kaau ka ug agi. ako wa pa jud tawon. ahhaha! salamat sa paghimo ani.. wa jud ko lingaw , pobri kaau. maynalang ka sabado, pahulay kaau. :)

have a great weekend!

Tess said...

cel, maayo gani kay na part-time, abi nako no brain lagi, lol! TY pod oy!

Bless said...

:-) naa diay part time brainiac? :-)

anyways, I have an award for you. this is the link