Tuesday, February 26, 2008

How Much Do You Know About Oysters?

Cooked oysters are delicious and nutritious. But there are more to just eating oysters. First, let me share with you a personal joke about oysters.

Two oysters met each other in a bar one night.

Oyster #1: Hi there, did we meet before somewhere?

Oyster #2: I don't think so pal, I just got off from the boat. Unfortunately, I was caught along the Gulf of Mexico but I was lucky enough to get away from these oyster-hungry fishermen.

Oyster #1: Oh, I'm sorry! So you are one of those deadly Gulf oysters, huh!

Oyster #2: Damn right, pal! People should not mess with me or they're gonna end up dead! Well, if they really wanna eat me up, they should not take the risk of eating me raw or undercooked because I'm gonna get back to them and I swear I'm gonna make their life miserable! And how about you?

Oyster #1: I am fine, I am clean and don't wanna hurt people as much as you do! I don't mind seeing people eating oysters like us but they should do it at their own risk, and not putting all the blame on us when something goes wrong! They should know better. They don't know what we are capable of, right pal?

Oyster #2: Right! Ok, I got to go; It was nice chatting with you and I hope to see you again soon.

Oyster #1: Sure, let's keep in touch!

There is nothing wrong with eating oysters but there are people who prefer to eat them raw or undercooked which is really very risky especially for those who are considered "at risk". Avoid eating raw or undercooked oyster especially Gulf oysters because these usually carry a deadly bacteria called Vibrio vulnificus. Learn more about this bacteria and about oysters in general and educate yourself on the dangers of eating raw oysters before it's too late. At Be Oyster Aware site, you can find various oyster recipes and learn some tips on cooking it. Find out who are those "at-risk", and a lot more useful things that you need to know that could save life. It's better to be safe than sorry.

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