Saturday, February 23, 2008

I Get Paid To Shop Online

I thought of checking on my paypal account today and was surprised to see payments for my shopping online without even knowing it! Yep, I get paid whenever I shop online which I often do anyway. I signed up with Ebates and BigCrumbs sometime last year. Sometimes,, though, i forget to log in first to my accounts with these sites especially when I am too excited to shop. I use Ebates more often than BigCrumbs that is why i was surprised to see few cents coming regularly from BigCrumbs when I don't even use it. BigCrumbs is highly recommended when you shop at Ebay but in my honest opinion, I think you will earn more from this site because you will earn from the purchases of those who will click your link and use the coupons and offers there even if they decide not to join and of course you earn from your referral's purchases too! Ebates pays you I think $5 for every referral you get on their first purchase online using Ebates. When you shop online at any major stores like Wal-Mart, Overstock, Gap, Target, Dell, name it, they have it on their list, don't forget to log in first to Ebates or BigCrumbs and go from there especially when you are ready to pay, make sure you're logged in at either of these sites that carry that store you're making you purchases from. Here is my latest payment from Ebates and BigCrumbs, these are not big payments but whereelse could you get paid for shopping online?

Check them out by clicking the images below:

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