Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Busy clicking ads....

The lack of opps for paid blogging has given me time to resume clicking ads which i found less stressful. I enjoy clicking while watching TV or movie, it is definitely a no-brainer job, lol! There is money in clicking ads but only when you take the risk of investing on referrals and upgrading your membership status. I got some new discoveries, which i consider among the best PTCs around but haven't got the time to organize them so i could share them here with you all. Well, this is what keeps me busy online. How about you? Do you have an online business you wanna share?

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Mommy Ruby said...

i do that too! clicking my PTCs. visit my blog, maybe you want to join some of mine.

wala kasi masyadong ops sa PPP for me. wala ako PR eh.

Pinay Mommy