Friday, March 14, 2008

Oysters Can Be Safely Eaten Raw!

For the past days, I have been craving for Filipino food especially sea food. My husband is not into seafood but I have started to talk him into eating fish at least and I guess he likes it. He said he would never dream of eating oysters though. He doesn't know what he is missing!

Speaking of oysters, I remember the first time I tried it, I had it raw and boy was it good. But that was also a very moving experience for me. Why moving? Well, it kept me moving as I couldn't stay put as I had like countless trips to the restroom, LOL! In short, those raw oysters had upset my stomach so bad. I still eat oysters whenever I get the chance but I make sure I eat them cooked - not undercooked nor raw oysters this time.

Eating raw oysters is very risky especially for those considered "at-risk". But if you really prefer it raw, you can still enjoy eating them including those dangerous Gulf oysters. Just make sure these have undergone any of the post-harvest processes that Gulf Coast oysters processors have developed. These three processes reduce the risk for those "at-risk" of getting Vibrio vulnificus illness when they eat these oysters raw.

For more information about these Gulf oysters post-harvest processes, visit the Be Oyster Aware site and learn more about oysters including precautions, how to avoid getting infected, who are those "at-risk" and the various oysters recipes you would truly enjoy! Enjoy eating oysters but it is very important to be oyster aware!

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