Thursday, July 10, 2008

How is it going?

How is everybody doing with their businesses online? I have seen a lot of opportunities recently but I just don't have time anymore to get myself involved with it. The problem with me is I get easily convinced - in short I am too gullible, too trusting. Patience is a virtue and I believe that. I still continue to click ads and pray that I get paid quick anyway even if it takes long to get paid. I cannot say, however, until when I wait. There is a time when I should say to myself that "this is enough!” I think nobody can keep on clicking ads when payment is almost impossible to get. I hope everyone is happy with making money online. There are risks for sure, just like with any other business but you will never find it out until you try it. Scammers are all around ready to bite you so just take extra precaution.

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