Saturday, September 13, 2008

First check from SendEarnings

I got my very first payment from SendEarnings and considering I don't have any referral on that site, I am quite happy about it. I earned it from just clicking from my email, that's about it. I did not do any free offers there at all but if you really want to earn more, then this site got a bunch of freebies that you can do. I also got my nth payment from 07bux, another PTC site that I retained in my list. Here are the proof of payments:

my first check from send earnings ($27.03)

another payment from 07bux PTC

As you can see, these are not really big payments but if you have more sites like these, then it is possible to earn big bucks from the internet.

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Raquel said...

Hi Tikya, how it work? I am interested.