Sunday, September 28, 2008

What is your earning goal?

For those who are earning money online, do you set an earning goal or target each month? I used to target at least $250 every week when i was still actively involved with GPTs and i was successful in reaching that goal for months until the GPT business went down. Now that i have only paid blogging, PTCs and few surveys here and there, I haven't really checked how much i have been earning but for sure, it is much lower that it used to be with GPTs. With PTCs, it is so difficult to set a target because most of them don't pay monthly, if you are a standard member. It will take a long time before you get paid, most of the time it takes months. There are quite a few though that pay within 7 -15 business days but only if you are a premium member. So, my answer to my own question is NO, i don't set a target for my monthly earnings right now. How about you?

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