Monday, October 20, 2008 Is My New Favorite Search Engine

With the various search engines available nowadays, almost everything can be easily found through the net. I remember my college teacher asked us students what search engines were we using when we did our essays and reports and most of us said Google or Yahoo search engines. Our teacher laughed and told us that we need to broaden our horizon and try other search engines available other than those two mentioned. I remember that and one of my latest discoveries is the Search Engine.

I like Search Engine because first of all, it is so easy to remember especially for folks like me who have a problem remembering things. Second, pages load so fast and look so neat and clean without those confusing ads around the pages and third, it gives me more direct and accurate links just by using the keywords of what I am looking for. In fact, it helped me on my recent search for real estates in Buffalo and that’s where husband and I found the best realtor in our area. There is nothing wrong about Google or Yahoo but you might find better results if you also try other search engines like Try Search Engine and directory next time when you need to Find People, Find Jobs or even just to Find Friend. I bet you will like it and will find it handy too!


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