Thursday, October 9, 2008

Talent6 Needs Movie Extras

One of my friends was luckily chosen as extra in a film. She actually auditioned for the role and had to fall in long line and waited for a day. Opportunities like these hardly come by. But if you really think you got the talent and interested to be an Extra in films or TV shows, I know of an easier way to get your way in.

I happened to find Talent6 when I was trying to help a friend whose daughter wants to be in the movies. Talent6 helps people who are18 to 85 years old to work as Extras in films or TV shows. With life getting harder nowadays, a pay ranging from $100 to $300 a day cannot just be ignored. Extras are just “props” in films; they don’t deliver lines most of the time; they’re just there as “background” to make a scene more realistic. It is actually a very easy job. Who knows it might be your stepping stone to realizing a long-time dream of becoming a famous movie star someday. Most big stars started as Extras and they worked their way up. Talent6 can help to make it happen for you too. They get you a job anywhere in the US. Anybody interested can simply call their toll free number 800-493-9047 and talk to a portfolio manager. Be an Extra in films or TV shows with the help of Talent6

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