Monday, October 13, 2008

I got my first payments from MyBux Network

MyBux Network, one of the more established "paid-to-click" (PTC) sites around paid me two days ago for two of their four sites. Rodney, the site admin has been very helpful to his members and i guess that should be one of the more important things to be considered when choosing to sign up with any PTC site. Anyway, my first payments are not big but i got bigger payments coming up. Here are my proof of payments from MakeMyBux and ClickMyBux.

First payment from MakeMyBux

First payment from ClickMyBux

I am also signed up with its two other sites - CashMyBux and EarnMyBux where i am close to reaching the minimum cash out. After my first payment, i am seriously thinking of adding more referrals on these sites and perhaps purchase premium memberships soon. I think it is wiser to stick with few legit PTC sites than investing money and time with those suspisious ones. I am guilty of that and i learned my lesson. I have lost a lot of money on sites that show as legit at first and suddenly disappear without letting the members know they are closing down. But this business is kind of risky anyway so if we take the risk, i guess take the lesser risk. Invest money that you can afford to lose.

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