Wednesday, December 31, 2008

A Gift Of Fashion; A Gift For Your Vision

As I wrote in my previous post about not giving expensive holiday presents between me and my hubby this year, we still could not resist looking around for some practical yet affordable gifts for both of us. I told my husband to try to run a reality check on what we need and not on what we want. Finally, we agreed on getting each one at least two pairs of prescription eyeglasses from Zenni Optical. Now, if you think two pairs is too much, you are totally wrong!

Zenni Optical is known for its low-cost but high-quality prescription eyeglasses. I love their huge selection of Holiday frames, lenses and designs which really look so fashionable without shelling out a lot of cash because you can even get a pair for as low as $8 which even includes a case. How can you beat that price? I have been reading a lot about how wonderful Zenni is and I believe if some celebrities endorse Zenni, it must be worth a try.

So, I got my pick and so did my husband and we cannot wait to get it. Zenni truly completes our holiday cheers. It may not be as expensive as your presents but I can say, it is something that we can use daily. It is indeed a very smart idea for a gift – practical, stylish yet very affordable. It is a perfect gift for your vision.

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