Thursday, February 12, 2009

Talk about poor customer service!

I have always been shopping online and i love it! I love the convenience it offers to customers and i have not encountered any problem until my recent purchase at this site called Omega E-Supplements where i bought a tub pillow and a pack of dead sea salt. After a week, i got an email tellimg me that the items were shipped. After another week, i got the package with only the tub pillow so obviously the pack of salt was missing. I waited for few more days hoping they were shipped separately. Then i emailed customer service to inform them i did not get the salt but i only got this stupid auto response and nothing else. After a couple of days, i sent another email but still got no response. Since my emails were being ignored, i went to the site and contacted them there but still heard nothing from them.
I was so pissed at how this site treat their customers. The salt is only less than $3 but i still believe they should let me know why it never came. I sent another email and this time i told them how disgusted i am for their poor customer service and told them their customer service sucks big time. After few minutes, i got a reply for the first time telling me that they emailed me and informed me that the said salt is no longer available and that they are issuing me refund. I told them that if they really emailed me, which i never got even in my spam folder, then show me a proof that they sent that email or issued me refund because i never got a refund. Why would i waste my time emailing them if i did get an email from them.
The next day, they sent me an email saying "here is the email we sent you" and asked me to check my spam folder because they said it happens all the time. Great! The email they copied and sent me did not even came from them but it was my email. So i told them to check what they just sent me because they forgot to change or edit the sender of the email, bummer! And there was really no email in the first place, anyway! So i asked them to go ahead and just send me my refund to get done with it! They didn't insist in their next email and just told me to wait till Monday when they're back at their office so they can check the transaction number and date.
I waited Monday and no refund was issued. Tuesday.... still nothing. So Wednesday, i sent the transaction details to make their work easier but i am still waiting for that refund. Beware of this site! I checked the site and the salt that they claimed was no longer available is still posted there. This is the worst customer service i have ever encountered in my dealings online. Their customer service definitely sucks big time! Remember the site: - avoid buying from them!

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