Sunday, February 15, 2009

To keep this domain or not.....

If you notice, this blog has never been updated since December. I am still debating whether to keep this domain and continue paying for it or go back to the freebie blogspot. I created this blog mainly to share what i learned about making money online, which i did great in the past. Unfortunately, the past months, i have been slacking on this part because i haven't been inspired to do something simply because there is really nothing significant to write about making money. I am not making money for the past months online and that de-motivated me to do anything nor to talk about it. I got paid by some PTCs and blogging but the amount i earned is not even worth writing about.
On the blogging part, PPP has taken off all freebie blogs and that of course included my bravejournal blog which also lost its PR from 2 to zero. If you also notice, PPP's opps tremendously decreased its offers to as low as 50 cents! You think it is still worth writing blog posts for 50 cents each? Even if PPP changed its policies or TOS to give more opps for bloggers to earn more by increasing the number of opps that they can write each day per blog from 3 to 7 and taking off the requirement for interim posts in between each paid posts, to me it doesn't make any difference at all.
I guess the economic depression is being felt all over the world and has affected all aspects of life, including blogging. I hope someday, the blogging industry will go back up and normalize as it used to be. To all bloggers who blog for money, good luck to you all!


Marie said...

Hi Ate Tess musta. Mao diay ni te ang number atong Traveling agency na gikwaan namog tickets.

Agnes- Home # 01-423-8942048
Cel # 01-423-9035405

Tagalog ni siya te from Tenessee. Ingna lang te na gi refer tka... mas ok gani na magkuha kag ticket na mas sayo kay dako og discounts.

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