Monday, July 5, 2010

Anyone with GPTs?

I used to do a lot of GPTs and really made money from it but that was before.  It came to a point when i got tired and so stressed coping with cancellations of trial offers that i did.  It was fine when i was not working because i can easily check dates, what to cancel, when to cancel and how to cancel, lol!  Then GPT site owners also became tight with rules when they started to not allow the use of pre-paid credit cards.  I switched to using pre-paid credit cards from my regular cc because i got ripped many times and got unauthorized charges in my credit card.  It was doing good then.  I was making money despite the rip offs that cannot be avoided sometimes.  I was also into paying referrals to do offers for me and in fairness, i was making an average of $250 per week from that.  I also got a lot of expensive items for doing do-it-yourself or DIY sites.  I got my very first 42" plasma panasonic TV, garmin GPS, my flat 19" LCD, a hermes bag worth $1500 plus which i returned for store points instead, and a lot lot more.  Those were the days...... i really miss those times when i see my paypal account always with money on it.  Now, they're all gone...... sigh!  But anyway, back to GPTs.  Is anybody here still doing it?  What are the new GPT sites that you can recommend to those who want to make money online?  Please share..... Thanks!

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