Friday, July 16, 2010

Beware of Paypal scams....

If you have an account with paypal, beware of these scam that have been going one for a long time.  These scammers will send you an email supposedly from paypal.  In the email, they would ask you to log in to a provided link that you are supposed to click to update your profile, allegedly for security purposes.  If you get this kind od email, NEVER click on the link from the email.  If you want to log in to your paypal account, ALWAYS log in through your browser right to the paypal main site.  It should be at and not from any other link. 
I was a victim the first time i got this kind of email because i didn't know about it.  I clicked on the link from my email thinking it was the right paypal site, of course i logged in with my password and that's it! They got access right away to my paypal account which was really scary because then they got access to my bank account too!  It's good i reported it right away with paypal before they did something and emptied my bank account, lol!  Paypal security blocked it right away and asked me to change my password.  I just thought i should share this experience with you because i just recently another email from them asking me to do the same.  I figure you would not have any idea until you get these emails.  So, please, please, beware of these scammers!  Do not just click on links provided to you in your emails.  Think 10 times before you do it!

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