Sunday, July 18, 2010

Blogger from other countries.....

I helped my daughter set up her own blog so she can write and earn from blogging.  She loves to write anyway.  Her blog was actually created January last year but she never wrote any posts on it until April this year.  I gave her links to sites where she could submit her blog for paid blogging and luckily her blog got approved in most of them.  The only problem is:  most advertisers prefer US and English bloggers to bloggers from other countries like the Philippines where my daughter is.  Most of the opps are meant for US bloggers.  So, i could say that getting opps for bloggers in other countries comes from pure luck!  I could symthatize wih them.  I'm sure there are other ways to earn online other than blogging but i am  not familiar with it so i am not of much help on that.  Anybody has an idea how?  By the way, i would appreciate it very much if you could visit my daughter's blog.  Thanks!

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