Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Cookies and doing GPTs

When i was still doing get-paid-to or GPT sites, the most common complain was not getting credits for the offers that we complete.  Well, it has something to do with your cookies.  It is important that you know how to deal with cookies if you want to make money instead of wasting it on doing offers and not getting paid for it.  I wanna share with you these tips i got from one of my friends when i was still active doing GPTs before.  Here are some tips on getting credit for the offers you complete:

1. ALWAYS enable cookies before logging in at any GPT site.

2. Right before you go to login to a site, ALWAYS clear your cookies and temporary internet files! The C Cleaner is great for this!

3. ALWAYS keep your cookie acceptance and/or privacy settings at their bare minimum! All tracking for offers is done by cookies, so if a site is not allowed to set a cookie by your browser, it will cause no credit. *Before I log in to a GPT site, I go to my tool bar and select Tools, then internet options, then select the privacy tab and lower the bar as low as possible to accept all cookies, then click apply, and ok. Then once I am done with the GPT site, I go back and raise it back to medium until I am ready to return to a GPT site.*

4. WAIT on the confirmation page for AT LEAST 3-5 minutes. If you close this window too early, it does not give a chance for the tracking to work. Exiting out of the page after a few minutes allows time for it to fully load, and will help you get credit.

Even if you don't do GPTs, you still  need the regularly and it really helps speed up your internet connection.  I keep mine handy all the time. 


Matt said...

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Tess said...

Thanks Matt, i will surely check that out. I guess it's like, big crumbs and savingwatch? I use bigcrumbs when i buy something from ebay but when i shop, i compare which site gives more cash back. Thanks for stopping by.