Friday, July 23, 2010

Blogadvertising, anybody?

My friend told me about this paid blogging site called blogadvertising.  I think if you type in payingposts, it will take you to same site - blogadvertising.  I signed up only to find out i already had an account with them, but i must have just signed up and never returned even to submit my blogs.  So i submitted two of my blogs (not including this blog).  One blog got approved while one is still waiting for approval.  So i checked the open opportunities and found 8 that i could grab.  I grabbed 3 as i understand from what i read in the site that you can only grab up to 3 opps per blog per day.  Then i submitted my posts and i got these emails confirming my submissions and that these are under review.  It has been more than a week and no words from them yet - whether these posts have been approved or not. 

What i don't understand is when i checked the open opps, they're still the same 8 opps listed there that i could grab.  Why are those opps that i already grabbed still listed there and when i tried to click on it, it still showed the "reserve opportunity" button.  Whatever happened to those i submitted, i don't have any idea.  I really don't know how this site works.  Under the "my posts" column, i was expecting to see those i submitted even if they were pending approval or not but there is nothing listed there, it is empty.  I submitted a ticket regarding this confusion but got nothing from them.  Should i just delete those 3 paid posts from my blog?  I could even grab the 5 more but i thought i better wait for a response from them before i proceed in grabbing more.  I'm just so confused! Anybody has an input on this? Thanks!

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