Sunday, June 20, 2010

Do you have a blog?

I stopped blogging for awhile but i have 4 blogs, all were neglected by me when advertisers stopped coming. Paid tasks got so scarce, which means I don't see money coming in. I got tired and demotivated which left my blogging behind. Recently, i got an email from blogvertise warning me about my low participation in the site. I was told that i have been ignoring tasks given to me, that i need to at least respond to it within 5 days after they were offered to me. It doesn't matter if i accept or reject it as long as i respond to it so they can assign them to other bloggers. That makes sense.

I didn't mean to ignore those tasks, I didn't see them because they were sent to my spam folder and i usually just delete and empty my spam or bulk folder without checking what's in there. So i checked and found 29 tasks sitting there. I checked the tasks and most were meant for blogs with PR3. I thought my blog did not meet the requirements of the advertisers, so i rejected each one of them. After rejecting all 29, i found out one of my blogs qualified after all, and i could have accepted the tasks and made money.

So, if you guys have signed up with blogvertise, don't rely on emails sent to you. Just regularly log in to the site so you don't miss any opportunities that you can get. Don't forget to also check if there are bags for grab. You can grab one task per account (not per blog), in 24 hours.

Good luck and happy blogging!

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