Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Blogging tips ....

If you are blogging for pay, always spell check your post and review your grammar. If you are not sure about the right term to use, then look for another word with similar meaning which you are comfortable to use. Before accepting or grabbing a paid opportunity, read first the requirements. I know I am guilty of this. Just because it was offered to you to be written in one of your blogs, doesn't mean your blog is qualified. Just last week, i grabbed two opps that were offered in two of my blogs (a PR2 and a PR3). I chose to write it for my other blog that is PR2 to balance the number of paid posts in my blogs. I thought the other blog that is PR3 has more than enough posts already. I did the task, submitted it and was later rejected because one of the requirements which I overlooked was: blog should be a PR3. I did not pay attention to that so I wasted two opps and lost money. I tell you, blogging for pay is sometimes stressful especially when you are beating a deadline. Happy blogging!

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