Thursday, October 14, 2010

I quit doing buxjunction!

I finally decided to quit doing buxjunction.  I lost some $30 plus in this site.  I upgraded three times for $10 each upgrade because you cannot request for payment if you are not a paying member but the problem is, that upgrade will only allow you to click 100-200 ads and that's it, you're back to standard member when you're done clicking those number of ads.  You can cash out when you earn a minimum of $2 and they pay you quick too!  i got paid at least 4 times and i also purchased 20 referrals from them thinking it would help me earn but still, i wasn't able to earn back what i spent.  I could have upgraded again but i don't have enough money in my alertpay account which is their payment processor so i got no choice but to quit.  I can say, buxjunction is legit but it is not for me.

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