Thursday, October 7, 2010

Ticket America: For All Your Ticket Needs

Are you a baseball fanatic? If you are, then you know the game schedule of your favorite baseball players. I know we can watch most of the games online or on TV but it is still a different experience if you can watch them play in person. My mother-in-law is a huge fan of the New York Yankees so when we go to New York City over the weekend, my husband made sure we take mom to the Yankee Stadium so she can watch her favorite Yankees play. It’s gonna be exciting even for me and hubby because it is also our first time to be at the Yankee Stadium.

Nobody really thought about it and I’m glad I visited Ticket America, the leading source of tickets for shows, concerts, sports events, theater shows, among others. Buying tickets from Ticket America is very convenient because you can get it online or by phone. You can search by venues, events or artists; check the schedule, pick the events you want to see then buy your tickets. That easy! It’s a shame there is no show at the Madison Square Garden that I am interested in watching during our stay there. I found interesting shows there that hopefully we can get to watch in our next visit next year.

One of my friends in Texas suggested Ticket America at her post in a social networking site last week after she watched a show at the American Airlines Center - TXI told her she should not miss Jeff Dunham next month at the AT&T Center since she just lives close by. I missed Jeff Dunham when he came over to Buffalo, NY early this year but I am now checking on his schedule of shows at Ticket America. I also learned that my friend in Chicago also buys her tickets for shows in Wrigley Field from them. So, friends out there who are looking for the best place to get their tickets from, try Ticket America. You will never regret it!

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