Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Have you heard about Varolo?

I signed up with Varolo few months back and i think the site is still on its beta stage.  It promises a good chance of earning for members for watching video ads  but depending on how large your village is and how active they are in watching those ads for the week.  It means you got to have referrals who are actively watching ads just like you do or you get nothing. 

I have no referral, lol!  I am not enthusiastic in recommending a site until I get paid so at least I have a proof of payment to show that the site I am recommending is legit.  I have 80 ads to watch in a week but i have watched only 20 so far.  What's the use of wartching those when i dont earn anyway as i don't have any referral.  If anyone is with Varolo, what can you say about this site? 

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