Thursday, March 3, 2011

I got paid by Microworkers!

I haven't blogged much since last week after google slapped my other blog with an N/A PR.  I do not know what i did wrong why i suddenly lost my PR3.  I would understand if it was a PR zero but an N/A is not a good sign.  Now, i don't get any offers or tasks.  I started to look for other venue where i could earn online and tried Microworkers.  It is a site where employers can post jobs that they want done and workers can grab jobs that they could do.  I started doing small jobs like clicking sites, voting, rating videos and stuff like that. 

On my first day, i already reached the minimum to cash out which is $9 after a 6% has been deducted so you should have at least close to $10 to be able to cash out.  On your first payment request, they will send you your PIN which you will use just to verify your mailing address so you have to give them your real mailing contact details.  After two days, I made my second payment request and then after another two days or so, i made my third request. 

Today, i got my PIN in the mail so i entered it right away and few hours later, i got paid for my three requests.  I am so happy not more for the money but for finding a legit site that i could continue doing.  There are so many jobs that you can do, most are really easy and quick.  If you want to earn extra moolah, check out
Microworkers.  So far, i am happy with the site!  Here is my payment proof!

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