Saturday, March 26, 2011

Total Protection For Your Computer Use

It has been a month since the last time I used my computer. I got attacked by viruses here and there, spywares and stuff I don’t even know where they came from and how I got them. I guess I was just unlucky. My account in one popular social networking site got hacked twice in a span of two months and I had to change my passwords for that. My poor husband had to come to my rescue every time and I’m sure he is so tired of helping me out with my computer stuff.

He told me it’s about time to look for a more dependable internet security software because the time that he has been spending on fixing my computer is no longer worth it. I went around checking for the best virus protection for my computer and one of the most recommended internet security softwares is the BitDefender Internet Security 2011. I also read a lot of good reviews about this software.

This internet security software is supposed to protect your pc from these annoying viruses, hackers, spam and identity theft without jeopardizing the speed of your computer. Aside from that, it also provides other interesting features that are beneficial for family use such as: iPhone-friendly parental controls, firewall, instant messaging encryption and a lot more. In this age where kids are easily exposed to the dangers that computers bring, it helps parents monitor the activities of their kids that have something to do with internet use.

To sum it up, the BitDefender Internet Security 2011 does not only protect your computer but also protects the whole family as well. So, if you are like anyone else who considers computers as part of your daily life, think about getting this internet security software that offers you guaranteed protection in your computer use.

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