Sunday, March 20, 2011

Blog Distributor, are you kidding me?

Have you heard about Blog Disrtributor?  It is one of the sites that pay bloggers to write about products and services and post these reviews in their websites.  Ok, so i signed up!  Guess what?  After a couple of days, i got email from them saying that one of my sites did not pass the review because i have a serious problem with my English!  They even suggested that i need someone to help me fix this problem.  Excuse me!!! Hello!  Are you talking to me???  I may have a problem with my English and that is expected considering that English is my second language but i could not accept that it is that serious.  I know myself better.  This is the site that was rejected and please feel free to visit this site and tell me honestly if i do have a serious problem with my English. 

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