Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Thank you Microworkers!

I have talked about Microworkers in my previous post and I am still happy about this site. So far, it has been paying me promptly and has been nice in givving me credits even for three advertisers that misrated me. That was nice of them to do that. It's just a shame, this site does not offer more jobs for those living outside USA, Australia and UK. Most of the jobs are meant for those countries i mentioned although there are few jobs they can do. I just wanna share with you a glimpse of the payments i got from Microworkers. It's not something that will make you rich but hey, it is still money!

Withdrawal history:

2011-03-23        18:45:48      Paypal      PAID $9.00
2011-03-20        08:38:54      Paypal      PAID $9.00
2011-03-14        23:26:50      Paypal      PAID $9.80
2011-03-08        18:58:32      Paypal      PAID $9.60
2011-03-03        17:37:29      Paypal      PAID $10.60
2011-02-28        17:35:11      Paypal      PAID $9.00
2011-02-26        22:48:03      Paypal      PAID $9.00
2011-02-23        21:52:04      Paypal      PAID $9.84

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