Friday, April 8, 2011

I'm done with Sidetick!

I am so done with Sidetick!  Yes, the site has paid me every other month since I joined early this year but there have been recent changes in the site that made me decide to leave.  I'm sure most of its members have left too.  Jenny decided to stop giving points to members for clicking the link in their inbox messages daily and for posting comments in her blogs.  Let's face it, most members, including me,  are only there for the points.  What's the use of doing that for free?  

I got so many things to do that are more valuable that doing this crap!  Since the minimum amount to cash out is $25, that means my earnings of $12.50 is up for donation to the site, lol!  I could no longer cash it unless i do some stuff to earn money there.  I guess Jenny made a wrong decision in making these changes because she just lost majority of the site's members who have been loyal to her all this time.  So Sidetick, good luck in recruiting more members!

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