Sunday, June 12, 2011

The Best Alternative To Regular Cigarette Smoking

My husband has totally quit smoking since 2008 because of health reasons but he said that if he goes back to smoking, electronic cigarette is the way to go.  His son has been using e-cigarette since his first kid was born and he has been happy about it.  Both he and his wife are smokers and it was hard for them to totally quit smoking after the baby was born.  It was good they were introduced to e-cigarette.

When I hear about e-cigarette, the first thing that comes to mind is blu, considered as the best among electronic cigarettes in the market today.  Unlike most e-cigarettes, blu has ingredients that are 100% made in the USA.  It also complies with strict quality control standards.  The high quality plastic case, the same size and shape as a regular cigarette pack could carry up to five cartridges and two batteries, so it is so convenient to carry around.  The pack charges the batteries while you’re on the go.  Also, blu has four flavors and produces more vapors than other e-cigarettes.

Since, it does not produce smoke but an odorless vapor than disappears in seconds; you can pretty much use it in most areas that smoking is not allowed.  Overall, blu will definitely change your smoking experience, the best alternative to regular cigarette smoking.  It is odorless, smokeless, ashless, does not burn, and more convenient and safer to use.  So, smokers out there, I guess it is high time you try blu!  I'm sure you will never go back to your regular cigarette smoking after your blu experience.

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