Saturday, July 16, 2011

Blogosphere is back!

For many months, paid blogging has not been good to me but i did not stop hoping that one day, it's gonna come back again, at least for me.  I have friends who have been making a lot of money through blogging but I could not cope and compete with them.  I am working full-time and by the time i get home, all the opps are gone.  

Paid blogging is very stressful for me because i find it so hard to write and my mind only works when i am beating the deadline.  It is also very challenging because you get to write about something that you do not have any idea about.  But the stress and challenges make it a very fulfilling job.  So bloggers out there who want to earn money from blogging, don't lose hope, just keep on writing about things that interest you.  I tell you, there is money in blogging!

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