Saturday, September 17, 2011

Don't Miss The Big Sale On Wide Calf Boots

Hubby and I went shopping for new shoes today.  I found few pairs that I really liked but I just got frustrated after trying them on. I didn't feel comfortable with them.  I could not find the right fit. I was actually looking for wide shoes which I could not find in most stores.  Much as I wanted the style and design of those shows, we came home empty handed.  

I thought of checking online and guess what?  I'm glad I did not force myself to buy those shoes today at the store because I found what exactly I have been looking for. I found a large selection of high quality and fashionable Wide Calf Boots and the great thing about it is:  they're are being sold at a discounted price of up to 50% off.  I picked a pair but hubby insisted that I get another pair to take advantage of the discount.  He promised to pay for the other pair anyway.  

At OneStopPlus, most of the items are designed for people who need plus size shoes, coats and sweaters but they also have accessories, purses and other stuff.  Check it out and I'm sure they got something that you need.  Now is the best time because there are a lot of special deals you should not miss. 

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