Saturday, October 8, 2011 is back!

I was surprised to finally see back when i logged in this morning.  At first, they won't let me log in, telling me they don't have that account in their records.  I checked the forum and read a post instructing members who seemed to lose their accounts like me, to just register again and to use the same email address used on the old account and to use the same username, if possible.  That was what i did and just waiting on my earnings or balance moved to this new account.  I started surfing, not sure if they pay me as an upgraded member or as standard one.  There are changes in the site and policy on membership and payments.  

For those who have account, just register again and use the same email addy and username used in your old account and wait for few days for them to get your balance get reflected in your  new account.  I hope we will never have to lose anything.  Good luck to us!

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