Saturday, October 1, 2011

I am my own boss!

People think that working online is less stressful because you work at your own pace and you don't have a boss.  Wrong!  It is actually very stressful especially if you have a deadline to beat.  "I am my own boss" is maybe true and i can work anytime i want to, from anywhere as long as there is access to the internet.  The access to the internet makes it even more stressful because not all places can get you access to the net.  

Hubby and I went to PA the past days and we hardly had any signal to our phone but luckily i could get access to the net from my phone sometimes just to check my mails and sometimes Facebook.  I could not work online from my phone although I could if i want to but it is so hard for me to type my from phone.  When i got back, i got so many pending tasks to do and that is stressful!  I am actually just starting to work on it now.  Wish me luck!

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