Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Top Chicago Charter Bus Rental Services

I have never been to Chicago but it is one of my dream cities in the US to visit.  I always see Chicago in the movies and I always find it to be a very interesting place to see.  My friends and I have been planning to visit Chicago perhaps next year for a few days.  I have a friend who lives in Chicago and she would be happy to show us around but since we come in group, she suggested that we would be better off hiring the services of Pontarelli Chicago Charter Bus Rental and she is even willing to join us in our tours.  Her van cannot take us all at the same time so hiring a mini bus would be a perfect idea. 

Pontarelli provides the best transport services for any group size and their needs.  They have a mini bus, limo bus, a coach, among others that will be suited for field trips, city tours, airport pickups, corporate shuttles and for other purposes.  All of the vehicles for rental have fully integrated public address system with a staff that provides any assistance needed for the duration of the trip.  So, for all your transport rental needs in Chicago, check it out with Pontarelli.


Jenna said...

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