Sunday, October 16, 2011

Earning money online ....

I get a lot of messages in this blog asking me how I make money online.  To answer this question, I used to make a lot of money online about 6 years ago when i was just starting.  I do a lot of "get paid to do" sites like surveys, PTCs, and DIYs and a lot more.  It was only after 2 years after that when i started blogging for pay.  Since I have blogs anyway, i thought i wanted to try what my friends have been doing - getting paid to blog.

True enough, i started to make a little money from blogging until the US economy went down that also affected the blogging industry.  Advertisers paying bloggers to write about their services and products became scarce and my earnings became scarce as well.  It was good I started to work full time too so i had other options to earn money.  

Now, i see the blogging industry slowly coming up again so for those who are blogging and interested to make extra money, you can try signing up to sites that pay bloggers to write.  You can start writing about the things that interest you and before you know it, you are earning extra bucks that will inspire you to do more.  Good luck!

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