Saturday, November 12, 2011

Did Your Coffee Maker Quit Working?

My husband and I took a day off from work yesterday so we had time to visit my mother-in-law and took her out to dinner.  After dinner, we took her to her house and spent some coffee time with her.  We noticed that she was using a different coffee maker this time, a gift which has been sitting in her closet for years.  She admitted she was not crazy about.  

She still loves her Krups coffee maker, the only brand she uses through the years.  Her Krups coffee maker apparently quit working so she just want a replacement and just throw the old one in the garbage.  My husband insisted she does not have to buy a new one because she could get a replacement of the broken parts from a store that sells krups coffee maker parts and save her money instead.  That is really a great idea.  

At The Gourmet Depot, you can find a large selection of kitchen stuff in various brands, replacement parts and accessories.  This is the perfect time to visit the store for stuff you may need for the coming holidays.  The free shipping deal is worth checking out too! 

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