Sunday, November 13, 2011

To do or not to do.....

As you know, i am into paid blogging which means that i get paid to blog about certain products and services.  Yesterday, i turned down an offer of $80 in a site where i get half of it which means i would get $40 for writing a simple post.  The reason i turned it down is because it was about a casino-related site.  Most advertisers don't like blog sites with casino-related contents so i had no choice but to reject it.  I admit, i almost took it but as i thought about the great opportunities that are coming my way which i might lose because of it, i decided to just resist the temptation.  

Earlier, i had to reject another casino-related offer for $20.  I thought hard about it; it was just so tempting.  Getting paid $20 to write a simple post of let's say 150 words - is hard to resist but i just did!  Paid bloggers like me, you may get paid a huge amount for writing about casino and gambling-related sites but think about the consequences, the great paying opportunities that you lose for doing such.  But then again, It is your choice!

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