Friday, December 16, 2011

Pimp My Cube Contest

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How do you deal with co-workers who do not know how to keep their desks or working area clean?  Honestly, I call these as eye sores.  I have a co-worker whose desk is almost covered with loads of papers; food all over; hair brush lying around and all that.  I wonder how she gets to find her stuff.  She says that she is too busy with work that she gets no time to clean up.  I beg to disagree because everyone is busy at work but her cube is the only one that is filthy.  
If your cube or your working area is in a miserable condition because of various factors, you obviously need help.  Is your working area dark because of bad lighting?  Is it messy and disorganized?  Do you have old furniture or outdated machine and equipment?  If any of these is present, your cube or work area is not a good place for work and something has to be done.  Contest Factory has come up with a Pimp My Cube Contest for people like you to get a chance to get their cubes or office pimped.  Even if you do not win the contest, you still get the chance to win the second prize of $200 gift card just for registering.  Actually, everyone who registers has a chance to win the sweepstakes, whether they enter the contest or just vote, comment and invite friends to register. 
For those who want to join the contest simply take a video of your messy cube and enter it in the contest.  Explain why you think your cube is the worst that makes it deserving to win the grand prize and get pimped.  Once uploaded, invite your friends, family, relatives and co-workers to vote for your video.  The contest started on December 5th and ends on January 31, 2012 at 12:00PM.  Pimp My Cube is a fun contest so don't miss it!  Now is your chance to get yours or someone's cube get pimped!  

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